Stabilization Kit

Stabilization Kit
Stabilization Kit
Stabilization Kit
Padded Foot Restraint (available in the Stabilization Kit only)

Custom to the user's needs

Users with Neurological and Musculoskeletal issues commonly present with decreased strength, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness deficiencies or edema. These and other factors add to the challenges of maintaining the upper or lower extremity properly and comfortably on the device during exercise.

BioStep™ 2 is supported by a collection of stabilization accessories to allow users with these challenges to enjoy the benefits of exercise. 

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit includes:

  • Padded Foot Restraint
  • Pivoting Calf Support
  • Hand/Wrist Cuff (large)



BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Padded Foot Restraint and Pivoting Calf Support

For lower extremity stabilization, we offer a padded foot restraint and pivoting calf support. This combination provides support to the calf while allowing the user to exercise and experience the smooth BioStep motion. The calf support pivots, allowing the ankle to move as it would naturally in gait. The padded foot restraint is a convenient and comfortable means to secure the foot to the footplate, thereby maintaining correct loading of the joints and postural alignment during exercise.

NOTE: Pivoting Calf Support can be easily removed when not in use.

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Hand/Wrist Cuffs (large)

Users with hand and wrist limitations will find comfort with the articulating hand grips and security of maintaining stable hand position throughout the exercise session. The Hand/Wrist Cuffs allow users with limited or no hand strength or control to enjoy the benefits of the BioStep's upper body exercise.
NOTE: Hand/Wrist Cuffs are also sold separately.

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To order, call 1-800-224-6339

950-242 Stabilization Kit
Includes: pivoting calf support, padded foot restraint and hand/wrist cuffs 
950-247 Hand/Wrist Cuffs, Small (Pair)
950-243 Hand/Wrist Cuffs, Medium (Pair)
950-234 Hand/Wrist Cuffs, Large (Pair)

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