Sports Medicine Solutions

Sports Medicine Solutions

Protect Your Athletes
Biodex technology helps manage specific sports injuries and determine safe return-to-play.

Return to Play (RTP)
after ACL Surgery
Injury Reinjury

Concussion Management

Biodex System 4 Hamstring Injury Reinjury

Biodex balance technology supports assessment from baseline to post-injury with objective data and detailed progress reports to track recovery for an objective, return-to-play decision.

“A decreased ability to maintain postural sway is one of the hallmark signs of concussion, which often persists after cognitive symptoms subside.”

Whether you are treating professional athletes or weekend warriors, the Biodex System 4 provides objective isokinetic testing of quadriceps strength that puts confidence behind the RTP decision.

“The decision to RTP after ACL surgery should be based on meeting key performance standards” 

Regardless of whether you have an existing process for protecting and strengthening hamstrings, Biodex Dynamometer software quantifies an athlete's propensity for injury or reinjury – with objective test protocols. Upgrade paths available for older models.

NEW Lengthened-State dynamometer-based rehabilitation strategy isolates the injured leg, and objectively determines when an athlete is ready to return to play.

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  Balance System SD   BioSway  


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