Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shield

Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shield
Design accommodates most 1 cc, 2.5 cc, 3 cc, 5 cc, and 10 cc syringes

The Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shield is designed to reduce hand exposure in clinicians preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals. With its lightweight, sleek design, this syringe shield is easy to use.

The barrel of the shield is constructed of 2 mm thick tungsten that will reduce radiation exposure from Tc-99m by more than 99% attenuation for Tc-99 tested with TLD chips. A 5.05 density lead glass window provides protection and optimal visibility. A white reflective surface on the shield interior improves viewing of the syringe's markings and fluid content. A bevel around the lead glass helps protect it from scratching or breaking.

The quick release, Safe-T-Lock is designed to facilitate minimal handling, thereby reducing hand exposure. Upon insertion, the Safe-T-Lock grips and securely locks the syringe into place. Disposing of used syringes is easy; invert the syringe shield over a sharps container, press the release button and the syringe freely disengages.

Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shields accommodate the standard sized 1 cc, 3 cc, 5 cc, and 10 cc syringes.


Upon insertion, Safe-T-Lock automatically secures syringe; release with the push of a button.

  • 2 mm thick Tungsten shielding
  • 5.05 density lead glass window
  • Safe-T-Lock firmly secures syringe to avoid rotating
  • Safe-T-Lock design reduces exposure with faster handling
  • Unobstructed visibility to tip of syringe
  • Replacing scratched or broken glass is simple – no gluing required
  • Easily sanitized with alcohol wipes




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To order, call 1-800-224-6339

Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shields accommodate the standard sized 1 cc, 3 cc, 5 cc, and 10 cc syringes.

Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shields:

007-723 Syringe Shield, 1 cc (BD luer lock) $195.00
007-734 Syringe Shield, 1 cc (press fit) 195.00
007-755 Syringe Shield, 2.5 cc 195.00
007-735 Syringe Shield, 3 cc 195.00
007-736 Syringe Shield, 5 cc 225.00
007-738 Syringe Shield, 10 cc 250.00

Replacement Glass for Pro-Tec™ III Syringe Shields: 

127-734 Syringe Shield Replacement Glass, 1 cc $18.00
127-735 Syringe Shield Replacement Glass, 3 cc and 5 cc 19.00
127-738 Syringe Shield Replacement Glass, 10 cc 20.00

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