NEW Atomlab™ Wipe Test Counter
Eliminate the tedium of wipe testing
Formulated to decontaminate the widest possible range of contamination from radioisotopes and fission products.
Radiacwash™ Spray Mist
Combines the power and economy of Radiacwash with the convenience of aerosols.
NEW Radiacwash™ Decontaminating Wipes
The most efficient and safest way to remove radiocontamination from hands and small objects.
Wipe Test Kits
Provide an efficient, convenient means of sampling contaminated areas with radioactivity on either wet or dry surfaces.
Absorbent Paper
Protect any work surface with plastic lined Absorbent Paper.
Decontamination Kit
Contains all the equipment needed to cope with a radioactive spill or routine decontamination problem in the laboratory.
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