Xenon Convenience Kits

Air-Cushioned Face Mask with Injection Port
Xenon is administered with a needle by injection port.
Air-Cushioned Face Mask w/Direct Dose Administration
The direct dose feature reduces patient anxiety because no needle is used.
Air-Cushioned Face Mask with Direct Dose Administration Adapter
The syringe luer locks tightly to the direct dose tube, away from the patient's face.
Mouthpiece and Direct Dose Administration Adapter
Direct dose feature conveniently luer locks without the use of a needle.
Face Mask with Luer-Lock Injection Port
The dual administration port feature allows administration with either luer lock or needled connections.
Air-Cushioned Face Mask
Air-Cushioned Face Mask Kits with clear ultra-flex expandable tubing from 6" to 24".
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