C-Arm Tables

Surgical C-Arm Table - 840
Ideal for cardiovascular procedures. Smooth movement for free-float X-Y tabletop with 35" head-to-toe travel.
Surgical C-Arm Table - 846
Affordably priced float-top table.
Pain Management C-Arm Table - 870
Ideal for pain care applications.
Urology C-Arm Table - 800
Fully equipped for image-guided urologic procedures
Brachytherapy C-Arm Table - 810
Designed and equipped specifically for seed implantation procedures.
3D Imaging C-Arm Table - 820
Designed to function with 3D C-Arms providing complete access with minimal exposure.
Fixed Height Surgical C-Arm Table
Stability and manufacturing quality at an affordable price.
C-Arm Table Accessories
Designed to optimize the usage and performance of Biodex tables. Constructed with the highest quality materials each accessory performs a multitude of tasks to increase desired end results.
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