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Alliance Medical Group
Lisa LeBlanc, BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R), (CT)
Center for Surgical Specialties

“There are many aspects I like about the Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table. For starters, the size of this ergonomically designed table is good for patient comfort. It's long enough and wide enough that patients don't end up with their arms or feet hanging off the table.

“The remote control features are another plus. They eliminate the need to physically move, adjust or lift the patient's head or torso; up and down, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg - with a 500-pound weight limit, this table can handle and position just about any patient we encounter.

“I also like the arm extension board. During vascular exams, it allows for optimal scanning positioning without the patient's hand draped across your lap. I also find the reverse Trendelenburg positioning for venous exams an asset when a patient is unable to stand.

“Lastly, the locking wheels and floor lock mechanism provide double protection to ensure patient safety.

“Overall, I'd call the Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound the Cadillac of imaging tables. It's great for the patient while also lessening the daily wear and tear on my own body.”

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