Gait Trainer Software Update v3.0.30

Gait Trainer Software Update v3.0.30
Introductory Offer – Download Software Update for FREE* (for NEW 15.6" display)

Software updates have been made to Gait Trainer 3 devices that feature the 15.6" display.

New Enhancements:

  • Ability to choose individual tests to use in a Progress Report
  • Improvements in Gait Training metrics, adding a note if the gait is too unconventional to accurately report on
  • Adding a new optional export format that is more International friendly
  • Improvements in fail-safe operation of Backup/Restore
  • Several screen operational corrections, both for US and International support

Includes Previous Version Features and Enhancements (v3.0.28):

  • Three new songs (blues) added for Music-Assisted Therapy application along with a reorganization of the music library
  • Improved International support
  • Several screen operational, reports, data import, and Music Therapy corrections


For devices with a 15.6" display.

FILE: GaitTrainer.bioupdate

  • Download the file and copy it to the root of a flash drive (not in a folder).
  • Insert the flash drive into the USB port of the display.
  • The display will detect the update.
  • Follow the instructions on the display.



Note: We recommend downloading the file using Chrome/Firefox.
Internet Explorer users: While downloading the file, it may download as “”. Please rename the file to “GaitTrainer.bioupdate”, and change "Save as type" to "All Files (*.*)" if prompted. Otherwise, the software will not be automatically detected by our application.

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