Portable balance assessment and training; sets up in minutes.

New StudyThe BioSway is a portable balance system bringing testing and training technology to the patient. This easy transport system is a vital tool for clinicians on-the-go with advanced features such as a new larger display, expanded connectivity, USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, upgradable software, interactive CATCHGame, Video/Audio and more.

The BioSway is a lightweight instrumented platform with a high-resolution color touch-screen display. The system sets up in minutes to provide patients with a choice of interactive teaching modes or standardized testing environments including the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB). BioSway provides the necessary reporting for establishing need, progress and outcome. All test results and training sessions can be stored and printed.

The BioSway emphasizes specific movement patterns, encourages proprioception and motor control and is ideal for vestibular training. Patients are challenged to shift and control their center of gravity through an interactive balance game and other rehabilitative training strategies.

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  • Lightweight instrumented platform – sets-up in minutes to provide static force testing for interactive training modes or standardized testing environments, including the Clinical Test for Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB).
  • Fully Portable– BioSway is conveniently portable within a facility for in-resident care. For satellite locations, the optional hard-shell Travel Case provides added protection when transporting to community-based health fairs or school settings for athletics. The case fits easily into small car trunks.
    NEW Automated G-code Calculations and Impairment Level Reports – Increases efficiency and productivity, improves documentation of rehab effectiveness fostering continuity of care, helps with audits, efficiencies and reduces claims denial.
  • Objective Documentation – Printed color reports track progress and document outcomes – ideal for insurance reimbursement. (Printer sold separately.)
  • NEW Enhanced Sensory Integration Balance Testing Capabilities – Ability to perform a modified version of a Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test of postural stability, popular for concussion management. Modify existing or create custom protocols for both the CTSIB and BESS tests.
  • Custom Reporting – Allows entry of unique comments to test results and assignment of CPT codes.
  • Six Training Modes and Three Testing Protocols – Standardized testing for true progress assessment. Test results are compared to agebased normative.
  • NEW Normative Data – Healthy populations stored for test comparison of older adults for fall screening and student athletes for concussion management.
  • Audio Biofeedback – Used for cueing successful target hits.
  • Visual Biofeedback – Prompts patients into proper balance control. Allows the clinician to easily monitor the patient and acts to motivate the patient during interactive testing/training.
  • Large Display – Features 12.1" touch-screen display, powered by a Windows CE operating system. Simple to learn and operate, leading the user step-by-step through testing protocols and training modes.
  • Display Stands – The BioSway includes a tabletop stand (a) that can also be used to wall mount (b) the display. A telescoping Adjustable Stand (c), available separately, is compact and portable with its own travel bag. The display can even attach to compatible display mounts (d).
Biosway Biosway Biosway Biosway


  • Multipurpose Connectivity – Allows connection to larger monitors and LCD projectors to enhance interaction for visually impaired patients.
  • USB Compatibility – Accommodates external keyboard, a mouse, printing devices for remote operation and USB memory devices for data transfer and software upgrades.
  • Video and Audio Out – Bolsters connectivity options to other devices.
  • NEW Patient Data Collection Software Utility (complimentary download) – Facilitates download and transfer of patient data allowing for unlimited storage capacity, reporting or exporting as a .csv file and import into Excel to run statistical analysis for normative data generation.
    NEW VibroTactile™ System – In addition to audio and visual biofeedback, vibrotactile cueing provides a third sense to postural sway feedback. Using wireless technology, the belt responds with a vibrating sensation when the patient sways outside the therapist-set parameters.
    Learn more about the NEW VibroTactile™ System.
Prove Need. Progress. Outcome – All test results and training sessions can be stored and printed. Comparison to normative data helps communicate need,
progress and outcome.




Who can benefit from the Biodex BioSway?
The applications for the BioSway are extensive; here are just some of the patients who can benefit from this device. 

Older Adult
can be tested for balance deficiencies, and training programs can be established to help them remain mobile or regain their mobility. The portability of the BioSway allows the testing and training to be done either “in-facility” or on location.

Note: ICD-9 Code V15.88 Personal History of Fall includes patients identified as “at risk of falling.”  Click here to view additional codes.

Fall Risk

Utilizing the CTSIB capabilities of the BioSway, clinicians can test patients and compare balance test results to normative data.


The clinician utilizes the BioSway to assess balance and stability of those patients suffering from neurological disorders associated with Parkinson’s, Stroke or Peripheral Neuropathy, and to determine a course of treatment. The progressive testing and training modes are applied to treat and re-train balance and gait. Patients are motivated with real-time biofeedback while their progress can be documented and printed for review.

Vestibular Patients

The portable BioSway is an evaluation tool, as well as a rehabilitative device, ideal for patients experiencing vestibular issues. Vestibular therapy includes balance retraining exercises designed to steady a patient while walking or standing through improvements in coordination of muscle responses and organization of sensory information. Coupled with the NEW VibroTactile System patients receive vibrotactile biofeedback resulting in improved postural control – eliminating the need for subjective verbal and hands-on therapist cueing.

Post Surgical/Amputee and Post Trauma Rehabilitation

The BioSway is a valuable tool when addressing balance deficiencies in postsurgical Hip, Knee and Ankle patients, as well as Amputee patients. Balance evaluation, retraining, lower extremity strengthening and weightshift training can speed recovery. The post surgical patients benefit from evolving difficulty of the training modes and the real-time biofeedback. The clinician benefits from ease-of-use, trackable documentation and fast results.


Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management delivers objective preseason baseline and postinjury balance assessment for athletes. Detailed summary and progress reports track recovery and provide quantitative data to aid clinicians with return-toplay decisions.

  • Dimensions:
    Platform Dimension: 21.25" w x 19" l x 2.5" h (54 x 48 x 7 cm)
    Weight: 19 lb (8.6 kg)
    Color Touch-Screen Display Dimension:
    Viewing Area: 12.1" (30.7 cm) diagonal screen; 9.75" w x 7.25" h (24.8 x 18.4 cm)
    Angle: Adjustable from vertical back to approximately 45°
  • Hard Case Dimension: 23.75" w x 22.75" l x 10.75" h(60 x 58 x 27 cm)
  • Total Weight (including case): 44 lb (20 kg)
  • User Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Power: 115V/230VAC, 50/60 HZ, 15 amp line
  • Certification: ETL listed to UL 60601-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No.:601.1-M90. CE conformity to EN 60601-1, EMC compliance to EN 60601-1-2.
  • Warranty: one year parts and labor



ManualsModels and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

Free Certification

950-460 BioSway, 12.1" Display with Tabletop Stand and Case
115V/230V 50/60Hz 
950-461 BioSway, 12.1" Display with Tabletop Stand
115V/230V 50/60Hz 

Includes: Instrumented platform, CTSIB Indexed Pad, 12.1" color touch-screen LCD display with tabletop stand/wall mount bracket, AC adapter for 100-240 V input and two blindfolds.

Resources Included:
NEW eLearning Tutorials for increased product utilization.
Marketing Support for Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program.
Marketing Support for Balance Assessment for Concussion Management.
FREE CERTIFICATION... Purchase a Biodex Balance System SD or portable BioSway and Biodex provides a registration for Concussion Health certification at no cost (a $350 value).  Click here for more information.


950-462 BioSway Travel Case
for 12.1" Display
950-465 Adjustable Height Stand
for 12.1" Display
950-430 VibroTactile™ System
Includes transmitter, two tactile belts (S/M and L/XL), each with wireless receiver and connection cables.
950-464 HP Office Jet Printer
(compact portable printer) 
950-467 HP InkJet Printer
(full-size color printer)
950-466 Printer Stand

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